Reasons To Visit The Lubbock Texas Zoo

If you do get to visit the Lubbock Texas Zoo, you want to visit during the summer. That’s the best time to go because of the weather, and because you will get to enjoy the zoo for longer hours. For those that have not been there before, it is unlike other zoos that you may have seen. It is very well-designed, as well as very unique as you will soon see. It is one of the many things that you can visit when you get to Lubbock Texas. Here is an overview of the zoo and other activities that you may want to consider doing.

Prairie Dog Town

Although people know what very dogs are, at least by name, you have probably never seen them in their natural habitat. When you get to Lubbock, you should spend a little bit of time at prairie dog town, one of the most unique zoos that you can see. This is a semi natural setting where the little prairie dogs will come in and out of the holes where they go into their homes. You may not realize how small they are, or how fast, until you see them in their natural setting.

Other Locations You Should Visit

There are other places that you may want to visit after you see the prairie dogs, this will include the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum. If you get to go, it’s a beautiful sanctuary which expands over 93 acres. There are many walking paths and even a chapel that was built in the early 1900s. From there, you ought to go to the Lubbock municipal Garden an art center. You will see gardens, and many different art related exhibits. There are even programs for kids that they will enjoy at this very beautiful location. Bayer Museum of Agriculture is another place that you ought to see. It is an agricultural museum the talks about the history of the agricultural industry in this area. There are tractors that you can see, and there is also a gift shop and places where kids can play. It’s perfect for bringing the family.

One of their place that you should consider visiting which is just out of the area is the Amarillo zoo. There are exotic animals that are there, as well as those that are indigenous to America. If you go south east, you can go to the Abilene zoological Park. There are 600 animals there and other exhibits that you can see. If you keep going south, you can see the Exotic Resort Zoo, the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, and also the Texas Reptile Zoo. At the very least, you are going to see some of the most unique places in Texas. It’s going to be very exciting. Whether you stay in Lubbock Texas, or if you head south toward Houston, there are many zoos that you can see in the state.

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